There are 3 ways to dismiss children after school:

1)  Pick up at the classroom - ALL Kindergarteners and 1st graders must be picked up at their classroom by a designated adult unless they are in car line or after school club. .


2) "Walkers" -  Second grade students will be guided by their teachers towards the main lobby doors but will not necessarily be "handed off" to families. Remaining older grade students (3-5) will be dismissed on their own.


3) Car Line - Students must let their teachers know at the start of the day if they are using car line.  Car line and bus students are organized inside the gym at 3pm.  Cars line up on the north side of Elmwood Road starting in the circle.  The line extends up the brick portion of the street and continues onto Westgate and Stanford, if needed . Cars should NOT park on the left side of Westgate (facing north) as this interferes with the car line. A Bates staff member will approach the cars with a walkie talkie.  Please provide the name of your child and any others you are taking home.


Communicating Dismissal w/ School and your child


You will be asked to fill out a dismissal plan at the beginning of the school year giving the usual dismissal plan for each day of the week.  


On a daily basis, please be sure to have a clear dismissal plan with your children.  

Arriving at Bates 

  • Kindergarteners and 1st Graders meet on the front playground

  • 2nd - 5th Graders meet on the back playground

  • If using the car line, please drop children off in the circle directly in front of the main entrance. 

  • DO NOT drop children off on the red brick portion of the car line.

  • Please remember that the car line is a MOVING car line.  Children must be able to exit the car and shut the door themselves.  Parents should remain in the car.

  • DO NOT drop children off in the back parking lot from your car.

  • If your child arrives after 8:35, please remind them to check in at the main office. This helps in accurately reflecting our attendance and helping students locate their classes.

  • If you have a meeting at Bates, please drop your children off in car line FIRST, then proceed to park in the lot

  • Orange flags indicate bad weather and children will line up inside. 


Please follow these rules when using the car line: 


  • Enter the carline from Westgate Road - in order to alleviate traffic on Elmwood Rd during dismissal, please use Pilgrim Road to Westgate in order to line up.

  • DO NOT take a left into the circle in front of Bates - again, please use Pilgrim to Westgate.

  • Please DO NOT IDLE your engine while waiting in car line before it starts to move.

  • PLEASE DO NOT PARK and leave your car in the line - it is meant to be a fluid line. This includes parking up on the Westgate portion of the line. Parked cars within this line create more traffic safety concerns and slow down the movement of the car line.

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