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Absences at Bates 

Bates School uses PickUp Patrol for absence reporting. Please change your child's plan to Absent in PickUp Patrol for every absence. To help the school nurse track illnesses, please enter your child's symptoms in the Notes section whenever possible.

Please do not email teachers or the secretary to report absences. 

Arrival and Dismissal 

PickUp Patrol is also the app to manage our arrival and dismissal process and make it easier for you to change your children’s dismissal plans.


PickUp Patrol

Information on the Car Line

If you are new to using the car line for either student drop off or pick up, please take two minutes to view this video, which highlights the guidelines for using the car line at Bates.  Feel free to share this video with any family members or caretakers who will use the car line at Bates as well.

Please follow these rules when using the car line: 

  • Enter the carline from Westgate Road - in order to alleviate traffic on Elmwood Rd during dismissal, please use Pilgrim Road to Westgate in order to line up.

  • DO NOT take a left into the circle in front of Bates - again, please use Pilgrim to Westgate.

  • Please DO NOT IDLE your engine while waiting in car line before it starts to move.

  • PLEASE DO NOT PARK and leave your car in the line - it is meant to be a fluid line. This includes parking up on the Westgate portion of the line. Parked cars within this line create more traffic safety concerns and slow down the movement of the car line.

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