There are many opportunities to volunteer, contact the presidents or committee chairs if you are interested!

2018-2019 Executive Board

President: Jennifer Green       

Manage day to day PTO operations.  PTO Committee Chairs report to the Presidents.


Vice Presidents: Jana Rumminger and Erin Johnson

Responsible for specific events, such as the town Spelling Bee, Annual PTO Speaker, etc.  Liason to Central Council.  Manage content on school bulletin boards as well as lost and found.

Treasurers: Carissa Wong and Christine Farley

Manage PTO budget.  Resposible for managing payments during fundraisers and financial reporting.

Secretary: Polly Klein

Format and distribute PTO meeting agendas.  Report PTO minutes during meetings and publish PTO website.

Communications: Jie Gao and Karen Gurian

Communicate with the Bates community; maintain PTO website and calendar; coordinate information with Bates Blast Coordinator.

Advisor: Tara Ventura


Apparel: Nicole Talma, Katya Daniel & Hillery Lee

Book Fair Chairperson: Emily Halpern

Easy Money: Kathleen Swenson

Pumpkin Fair: Michelle Benfer, Lucia Epstein, and Jing Jiang

Online Payments: Alyssa Akgonul


Committee 21:  Lee Duvall   

PAC (Parent Advisory Committee): Mariela Vargas


METCO REP: Anna Humphrey


Bates Directory: Aine Jennings


Susan Zimmer 



Hospitality: Julie Bonee & Monique Martin

UNICEF: Susan Zelenko

Garden:  Susan Zelenko & Katie Griffith

Wellesley Parade: TBD

Green Team: Susan Zelenko

Community Service

5th grade Student Council & Jobs:

Tarah Hirschey


5th grade activities: Jill Murphy & Hillary Morris

Creative Arts & Sciences:

Julie Gesner & Courtney Koenig

Family programs: 

Alyssa Akognul & Susan Zimmer

Field Day: Carrie Gunnette, Peta Taylor-Smith & Sue Gibbons

Library Chair: Deb McGinn & Erin Raycroft

New Families:  Lauren Sumner &  Lee Duvall

Room Parent Coordinator: Heidi Ligibel

School Picture Day: Jill Murphy & Suki Volk


School Photographer: Dari Pillsbury


  Bates Elementary 116 Elmwood Rd. Wellesley, MA, 02481

Main phone:  781-446-6260