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Directory: Tara Ventura  

Yearbook: Susan Zimmer

2023-2024 Executive Board

President:  Abby Petz & Lauren Moore 

Manage day to day PTO operations. PTO Committee Chairs report to the Presidents.


Vice Presidents: Jess Pratt & Nicole Schmidt  

Treasurers: Jill Garrison & Kunal Udeshi

Secretary: Caroline Pretyman 

Communications: Angela Laliberte

Social Media: Rachel Voris

Past President Advisor: Denise Camera & Danielle Comella


Auction: Jenny Synborski & Renee Lee          

Apparel: Susan Hurley

Book Fair: Anne Orloff & Stacey Percia

Pumpkin Fair:

Angela Laliberte, Athena Kertzman & Torrey DiPietro

Original Works Fundraiser:  Abbie Petz


METCO REP: Rachel Wilson 


Community Service


Hospitality: Lyssa Creney & Leigh Sower

Garden:  Abbie Petz

Food Recovery: Anne Orloff & Jessica Blum-Tucker

Wellesley Parade: Open

Green Team: Open


5th Grade Activities, Student Council & Jobs:

Denise Tirozzi and Carrie Tarrant

Creative Arts & Sciences: Jen Green

Family Programs: Caitlin Sateia, Megan Keefe, and Laura Benson

Field Day: Leigh Sower and Lindsay McCullough

Library Chair: Deb McGinn and Laura Benson

New Families:  Julie Byrne

Room Parent Coordinator: Carrie Williams

K Coordinators: Abbie Petz, Bethany Cangiamilla

School Picture Day: Danielle Comella


School Photographer: Open

STEM Representative: Jen Green

Teacher Appreciation: Lyssa Creney & Leigh Sower

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