Our goal is to effectively communicate news and events so that Bates families are informed in an accurate, timely and environmentally friendly manner, while at the same time remaining sensitive to the need to avoid overloading families with too much or repetitive information.   


Our main vehicles for communication are:


PTO Website. A regularly updated website containing the latest news and calendar information as well as providing a more general information resource about the PTO and its activities, Bates school and the Wellesley School District.


Bates Blast: A weekly electronic newsletter generally distributed via email on Sunday evenings.


Special Focus Emails. Specific communications which draw attention to, and provide additional information about, upcoming PTO events & programs.


Room Parent Updates. Classroom specific news and requests sent out by room parents. Generally sent as a monthly email, there may be other ad hoc communications should the need arise. While room parents are encouraged to highlight upcoming school events and fundraisers in their monthly updates, we discourage the use of room parent communications solely to highlight school wide events, as this results in many families receiving duplicate information.


Bates Directory. A password protected web site where Bates families can access contact details of other families who have given permission for their details to be included.


For both environmental, economic and ease of distribution purposes, the PTO primarily utilizes electronic communications. However, paper communication maybe strategically used when it is seen as the most effective way of communicating a particular message.


Each year the PTO collects contact information for all incoming Bates families to add to our distribution lists and to share with room parents. New families are asked to sign a permission slip allowing use of contact information by the PTO. For existing families agreement to be included in prior year distribution lists is seen as permission for on-going inclusion unless such permission is specifically withdrawn. The exception to this is the Bates Directory. Families are asked on a yearly basis to check that the contact information for the Directory is accurate and up to date, and to give permission for that information to be published.


While the PTO attempts at all time to be sensitive to the privacy of contact information, the sharing of such information throughout the wider school community means that we cannot guarantee it will remain confidential.


No member of the PTO is permitted to give a copy of any distribution list or the Bates directory to any person or organization with the intent to solicit or is engage in any commercial or charitable use. 



  • Communication items will be due on Thursday evening by 8pm to allow time to format and schedule on Friday.

  • Please spell check and format your text before submission.

  • Please use Verdana as the font type and 10 as the size.

  • Send to

  • Please use concise, short paragraphs containing important facts.  Bullets work great.

  • We can accommodate flyer type, full page attachments via the PTO website.  With a click of the mouse these marketing materials open nicely and can add more flair with graphics, color, etc.

  • Flyers must be in PDF format

  • Please save PDF's as "School Year (first) then your committee or name of file"  For example, "2013 Pumpkin fair sweat treats.pdf."

  • For items that need more detail, we will put the details on the web and include a link to them from the Blast.

  • No photographs of students maybe included in the Blast

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Main phone:  781-446-6260